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Mod Trend – Get the Look

Mod Trend – Get the Look

The mod trend started back in the city of London in the 1960’s when the modernist sub culture began in England. Fashion, music and motor scooters were the central part of the society all of which were brought forward with the formation of the sub culture. The trend then revived itself in the late 1970’s in the United Kingdom and the United states. The culture was centred mostly on the fashion. As this was the first generation of youngsters who did not have to contribute their pocket money and wages to the family finances, they could use this money to buy stylish clothing and fashionable threads as well as music, scooters and other motors.

The look also paved the way for male interest in fashion, as before this it was not socially acceptable for men to be engrossed in their clothes and the way they looked. More and more British fashion designers emerged during the era. Men’s attire consisted of designer suits and an immaculate look. The women’s appearance seemed to differ in style. Some were of a sophisticated kind which included the rise of the mini skirt. The designer of this piece quickly came back to fame during the decade. Some female mod trend followers took to wearing male fashion with manly shirts and trousers as well male influenced haircuts.

The music that was listened to in the era was also a massive influence on the style trend. Many bands and musicians took up the same look and became fashion inspirations to those who listened to their tunes. Also the up-rise of the scooter swayed those in the mod clothing culture to wear appropriate attire for riding the vehicle which was more often long overcoats and jackets so as to protect their designer clothing underneath.

To attain the mod trend in the modern day, there are a number of ways you could go about it. For the more feminine style, try the sixties style dresses and accessorise with rounded sunglasses, patent handbags and pale coloured flats or heels. This makes great day time or sophisticated dressing. For those who want the more masculine appearance, why not try a check shirt tucked into some loose fit turn up jeans, which will give a great casual look? Biker boots were also a big mod clothing purchase, inject some of these in to your look and you will add a touch of mod to any outfit.…

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2010 Winter Wear Trends and Predictions

2010 Winter Wear Trends and Predictions

In many parts of the country, the winter weather is already upon us. If you’re not feeling the cold just yet, it’s on the way soon. With the winter weather comes new trends and fashion ideas. Great winter fashions can make you feel as cozy as warm cocoa by the fire. So what’s hot to keep you warm this winter?

Here are some winter fashion trends and predictions for 2010-2011:

A� Pick the right colors- The color of your ensemble can do a lot to set the tone. This season it’s all about greys, blacks and soft whites blended with a touch of brighter colors such as yellow or hot pink. The brighter color is typically used as an accent on a muted color or earthy tones.

A� Go long and wavy with your hair- wavy hair is making a comeback and longer locks are preferred to shorter tresses. Many celebrities are getting extensions or choose hair pieces to give longer, wavy locks to their existing hair. Go ahead and let it grow out this winter.

A� Put on a hat- hats are hot and this season has some of the cutest hats that also help keep you warm. From large knit beanies to driver’s caps and more, hats are where it’s at this season.

A� Furry coats- Coats and jackets with faux fur lined around the collar or hood are a growing trend today.

A� Scarves- we have seen the scarf in past winter trends but for 2010, we see more fun colors and styles and scarves made from different types of materials. They can be worn traditionally around the neck or draped over the shoulders or waste to complete your outfit.

A� Boots over your jeans- skinny jeans with a great pair of boots are still the fashion rage. Try half-leg length boots for this winter season. We are seeing them in a variety of colors and styles and I don’t expect they will go away before this winter season has passed. So break out last year’s boots and slip ’em on.

Sometimes it’s hard to say for certain what’s going to be popular or not be popular in any given time. We’ve seen trends from the past make a fashion comeback time and time again and this winter is no exception. If you’re not up for following the trends of the season, you can make your own fashion plan or maybe mix a few trendy pieces with some tried and true pieces that you love for the ultimate personalized ensemble.…

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Hottest Wedding Trends For 2010

Hottest Wedding Trends For 2010

Here to help you plan ahead for your perfect day are 10 top tips on the hottest trends for 2010 weddings.

1. The colors tipped for 2010 are shying away from the traditional. Black was a popular color and accent color in 2009 and this in set to continue into 2010. Vibrant colors such as orange, yellow, pink and green will be on show in the summer wedding season.

2: Wedding Dresses in 2010 are showing a strong tie in with recent months most popular fashion trends. The wedding dress is set to be very romantic, princess-like in style with net and tulle cascading over the whole skirt or even the whole dress. Sheer fabrics such as net and tulle add great texture and a fairytale look to any dress.

3: Bridal Jewelery is again drawing from recent fashion trends. The Bridal industry is taking inspiration from the mainstream fashion world and introducing statement jewelery. This will include long strings of pearls, large necklaces and flowing, stylish earrings.

4: Hair accessories and Bird Cage Veils are going to be big in 2010. From elegant headbands and intricate fascinators, we’ll see them in the aisles. Take inspiration for 2009’s celebrity brides Suzanne Shaw and Carly Zucker.

5. Eco-friendly chic is certainly buzzing with a lot of couples are trying to incorporate a ‘green factor’ into their wedding day. A perfect way to introduce some eco-friendly style into your wedding is with wedding favors. Plantable wedding favors are not only the perfect contribution to the environmentally friendly campaign but are so beautiful and unique; they will certainly get your guest’s talking.

6. Closer to Home. With the current economic times, weddings have also been affected. Many couples who first thought of traveling to far off, exotic destinations have opted for venues a little closer to home. This will help your guest have the same ‘away from it all break’ without breaking the bank.

7. Individual cakes and decorated cupcakes are still growing in popularity in 2010 over the traditional wedding cake. It allows couples to introduce a unique and fun element to this part of their day and to be honest who can resist a cupcake.

8. Wedding Favors are becoming more thoughtful year upon year. Many couples are focusing a great deal of their time on creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for their guests. With so many beautiful and useful wedding favors available, couples will be able to find favours that their guest will treasure but will also truly reflect their day.

9. Wedding Flowers. In line with recent years the Calla Lily and Rose will never go out of style. However, with the vibrant colors predicted, bouquets and centerpieces will incorporate splashes of color. Don’t be afraid to include some exotic and vivacious flowers to create stunning flower displays.

10. Splurge on capturing the memories. Although times are tight, more couples are looking to allocate a larger part of their budget to photography and videos of their day. Couples want to capture the great experience with great photos and great videos. You can’t put a price on the memories and the joy from re-visiting the special day again and again through photos and film.…

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A Wedding Dress Represents Changing Times, and Fashion Trends

A Wedding Dress Represents Changing Times, and Fashion Trends

No matter what is the religion, caste or nationality, women always remember their marriage ceremony. This is after all a special occasion, and she will certainly want nothing to go wrong here. What she will wear for the wedding is an important part of the planning, and thus, she will always choose her wedding dress passionately, and carefully. The dress also represents who she is, her creative aspirations, and her happy state of mind.

However, the dress has changed a lot over time. And it often reveals the likes and dislikes, and the fashion trends of a particular era.

For instance, a wedding dress of the 20’s would be short in the front, but long in the back. There is a train that follows for almost a meter or so. But this changed in the roaring 40’s, when full-skirted designs became more popular. Just take a look at some of the dresses of Jacqueline Kennedy and Grace Kelly, and you will know how graceful and sophisticated they appear.

The 50’s saw the first departmental stores appearing in the US. So for the first time, the dresses started to be made in bulk. Till now, they were all custom-made based on what the bride or her family wanted. These stores began to take note of contemporary fashion and preferences, and came out with a dress to match the needs. People also started to become busy, and began to opt for the convenience of buying a dress at the store, instead of planning for it, and getting it done according to individual specifications.

Wedding Dress in Other Parts of the World

A wedding dress in China, India (wedding sari) or Vietnam (Ao dai), on the other hand, are mostly red colored, because this is considered lucky and auspicious by people in these societies. In contemporary Chinese weddings, a bride’s wedding gown may have hues other than red.

Interestingly, while a wedding dress in the West would always be white in color, in Indian society, white is considered to be extremely unlucky, and would thus never be used in the wedding in any way, and certainly not in the dress. The fabric of an Indian wedding dress or sari mostly comprises of crepe, tissue georgette or satin, and the colors usually include pink, maroon, orange or any other bright shade.

In Africa, the wedding dress is the lace where there is a single base fabric, and there are stitched yarns that make the design. The base is cotton, while the fabric is softer and made from the thinnest yarns available. The color doesn’t go, and the fabric does not shrink after the wash.…

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Discount Online Shopping

Lazada Indonesia On-line Purchasing Trend

Jabong is India’s Finest On-line Vogue & Life-style purchasing web site. ZALORA Indonesia memiliki koleksi sepatu yang sangat lengkap mulai dari wedges, excessive heels , ankle boots, flats, ballerina, flip flop, hingga koleksi sandal cantik yang datang dari brand brand sepatu ternama, seperti 9 WEST, Noche, evb, FILA, Koumi Koumi dsb untuk memenuhi kebutuhan trend wanita.

Next time you might be procuring online, flick thru some of these shops. As one of the UK’s leading on-line dress-rent websites, on Want Want Put on you may discover a roster of dresses for every event, whether or not it’s black tie, bridesmaid duties or summer barbecues, in a spread of sizes and brands.

Untuk memenuhi kebutuhan trend wanita, ZALORA Indonesia menawarkan koleksi pakaian wanita terlengkap dan terbaiknya dari mulai lingerie, pakaian dalam , gaun, playsuit, jumpsuit, cardigan, jumpers, busana muslim ,dress, atasan, baju, kerudung , T-shirt, tank prime, jeans , celana, rok , baju hamil dan masih banyak lagi yang datang dari model-model ternama seperti (X).S.M.L, 16DS, Vesperine, Tosavica, Chic Easy, Working Hours, Volcom dsb.

Time Out determines which fashion boutiques ought to high your shopping listing. Dapatkan aplikasi belanja kami untuk sepatu segar & fashion untuk wanita & pria. Sempurnakan gaya vogue pria Anda dengan koleksi kami. Whether it’s clothes, footwear , jewelry , accessories and cosmetics, we showcase the most elite brands on the earth.

The grocery store of on-line-sale purchasing, Brand Alley incorporates a every day line-up of manufacturers from French Connection to D&G. Lazada selalu berjuang untuk memberikan pelanggan yang terbaik termasuk dengan menawarkan beberapa metode pembayaran, pengembalian free of charge, layanan konsumen yang baik dan garansi komitmen.…

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Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

1. Pop of Color

The 2011 Fall/Winter season brings us a fresh burst of color on what is otherwise known as the season of neutrals. It seems that colors are just not enough during the summer. Hues like neon orange, purple, sky blue and other eye popping tones definitely brings us a warm cheer on a cold day. Color blocking is definitely a great trend to look forward to.

2. Bring on the Texture

Texture also plays a big role this season. Layering your clothes using different textures, such as silk, fur, cotton, leather or even plastic makes one look oh-so chic. If you want to go for a monochromatic look, try using pieces in different textures, such as a burgundy red leather skirt, a cherry red silk blouse and a creamy red cotton blazer. Pair them with solid, neutral colored accessories and you are all set.

3. Channel out the 40’s fashion

If you are a big fan of the Casablanca era, then this trend is just for you. Channel out the elegance of this era by playing with trench coats, blouses and skirts in classic and structured details. You will never look at 40’s fashion the same way again.

4. Print Overload

Prints are all the rage this season. Prints range from your classic polka dots to bold flowers and broken glass. These prints are sure to give you a unique yet sophisticated edge. Just remember to tone down loud prints with solid colors and minimal accessories. If you want to look slimmer, stay away from big prints. You can also play with them by pairing a louder piece with a subtle one. For example, if you have a stripe top, pair it with a bottom that has a subtle print. Pull of the look with a solid colored blazer and neutral colored accessories.

5. Romantic Pleats and Frills

If going the androgynous route is not your thing this season, then you can always channel out your feminine side with cute pleats and cute frills. Romantic pieces such as delicate embroidery and pretty rosettes are sure to bring out your inner beauty.

6. Bring Out The Zoo

We aren’t talking about the usual leopard and zebra prints. This season the zoological trend gives us a lot of feathers, wild animal prints and hats that grace the runways and give us a fresh take on an otherwise classic design.

7. Warm and Chunky Knit Sweaters

As we embrace the cold seasons, chunky knit sweaters are here to give us that extra warmth and coziness. Available in different designs and colors, chunky sweaters will become your best friend.

If you are a lover of trends or someone who loves to modernize classic styles, then these Fall 2011 fashion trends are worth giving a try. Remember, you don’t have to follow every trend in the world in order to have a great fashion style. Being yourself is always the key.…

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The Best Fashion Trends From Kate Spade

The Best Fashion Trends From Kate Spade

The fashion industry has always been a competitive one. People are always looking for the hottest latest trends and the best way to keep clients satisfied is by meeting this end. Fashion and luxury and two distinct things that auger well together and for a majority of people, when these two are combined together, they deliver to perfection. It is for these reasons that Kate Spade is considered the most popular name in the modernized fashion world. Brought up in a modest background, she started designing her own shoes and handbags and the desire to excel propelled her to deliver great designs.

Information about the Designer

Born in 1962, she attended Arizona State University and got an internship at Mademoiselle Magazine. During this time, she worked in the accessory department and this is where she got her influence. It was also at this point that she created her first brand of ladies accessories and when it was launched into the market, it took off perfectly. This was especially true with the domestic market. Inspired by her mother’s diverse range of clutches and purses, Kate Spade started drew sketches of handbags and shoes. Through patience, her work eventually made it to top in the American fashion industry. Currently, there are several accessories and other fashion items under her name and they are doing well in the market.

Her Fashion Trends

Among the popular designs from this designer was the new mothers diaper bag. She came up with this concept in 1993 and it instantly became a hit. This was largely attributed to the fact that it became a gift to the upper class society and at the same time, it was viewed as a utility. Over the years, she has also delivered other designs. With each new invention, the fashion industry has termed her products as pieces of great ingenuity. The Kate Spade eyeglasses are another fashion trend that is making great waves in the market. Though these are designed to focus on eye health, they are designed in a simple manner that offers great designs. What is more, they have also accomplished the purpose for which they were designed.

Though these are known to be luxury fashion wear, it is important to note that the prices are considerably affordable when compared to other brands. At this point, one should also note that this goes for all her brands whether it is shoes, bags or eyeglasses.…