2010 Winter Wear Trends and Predictions

2010 Winter Wear Trends and Predictions

In many parts of the country, the winter weather is already upon us. If you’re not feeling the cold just yet, it’s on the way soon. With the winter weather comes new trends and fashion ideas. Great winter fashions can make you feel as cozy as warm cocoa by the fire. So what’s hot to keep you warm this winter?

Here are some winter fashion trends and predictions for 2010-2011:

A� Pick the right colors- The color of your ensemble can do a lot to set the tone. This season it’s all about greys, blacks and soft whites blended with a touch of brighter colors such as yellow or hot pink. The brighter color is typically used as an accent on a muted color or earthy tones.

A� Go long and wavy with your hair- wavy hair is making a comeback and longer locks are preferred to shorter tresses. Many celebrities are getting extensions or choose hair pieces to give longer, wavy locks to their existing hair. Go ahead and let it grow out this winter.

A� Put on a hat- hats are hot and this season has some of the cutest hats that also help keep you warm. From large knit beanies to driver’s caps and more, hats are where it’s at this season.

A� Furry coats- Coats and jackets with faux fur lined around the collar or hood are a growing trend today.

A� Scarves- we have seen the scarf in past winter trends but for 2010, we see more fun colors and styles and scarves made from different types of materials. They can be worn traditionally around the neck or draped over the shoulders or waste to complete your outfit.

A� Boots over your jeans- skinny jeans with a great pair of boots are still the fashion rage. Try half-leg length boots for this winter season. We are seeing them in a variety of colors and styles and I don’t expect they will go away before this winter season has passed. So break out last year’s boots and slip ’em on.

Sometimes it’s hard to say for certain what’s going to be popular or not be popular in any given time. We’ve seen trends from the past make a fashion comeback time and time again and this winter is no exception. If you’re not up for following the trends of the season, you can make your own fashion plan or maybe mix a few trendy pieces with some tried and true pieces that you love for the ultimate personalized ensemble.

By lexutor