Hottest Wedding Trends For 2010

Hottest Wedding Trends For 2010

Here to help you plan ahead for your perfect day are 10 top tips on the hottest trends for 2010 weddings.

1. The colors tipped for 2010 are shying away from the traditional. Black was a popular color and accent color in 2009 and this in set to continue into 2010. Vibrant colors such as orange, yellow, pink and green will be on show in the summer wedding season.

2: Wedding Dresses in 2010 are showing a strong tie in with recent months most popular fashion trends. The wedding dress is set to be very romantic, princess-like in style with net and tulle cascading over the whole skirt or even the whole dress. Sheer fabrics such as net and tulle add great texture and a fairytale look to any dress.

3: Bridal Jewelery is again drawing from recent fashion trends. The Bridal industry is taking inspiration from the mainstream fashion world and introducing statement jewelery. This will include long strings of pearls, large necklaces and flowing, stylish earrings.

4: Hair accessories and Bird Cage Veils are going to be big in 2010. From elegant headbands and intricate fascinators, we’ll see them in the aisles. Take inspiration for 2009’s celebrity brides Suzanne Shaw and Carly Zucker.

5. Eco-friendly chic is certainly buzzing with a lot of couples are trying to incorporate a ‘green factor’ into their wedding day. A perfect way to introduce some eco-friendly style into your wedding is with wedding favors. Plantable wedding favors are not only the perfect contribution to the environmentally friendly campaign but are so beautiful and unique; they will certainly get your guest’s talking.

6. Closer to Home. With the current economic times, weddings have also been affected. Many couples who first thought of traveling to far off, exotic destinations have opted for venues a little closer to home. This will help your guest have the same ‘away from it all break’ without breaking the bank.

7. Individual cakes and decorated cupcakes are still growing in popularity in 2010 over the traditional wedding cake. It allows couples to introduce a unique and fun element to this part of their day and to be honest who can resist a cupcake.

8. Wedding Favors are becoming more thoughtful year upon year. Many couples are focusing a great deal of their time on creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for their guests. With so many beautiful and useful wedding favors available, couples will be able to find favours that their guest will treasure but will also truly reflect their day.

9. Wedding Flowers. In line with recent years the Calla Lily and Rose will never go out of style. However, with the vibrant colors predicted, bouquets and centerpieces will incorporate splashes of color. Don’t be afraid to include some exotic and vivacious flowers to create stunning flower displays.

10. Splurge on capturing the memories. Although times are tight, more couples are looking to allocate a larger part of their budget to photography and videos of their day. Couples want to capture the great experience with great photos and great videos. You can’t put a price on the memories and the joy from re-visiting the special day again and again through photos and film.

By lexutor