Natural Acne Treatments at Home – 7 Tips For Healthy, Acne-Free Skin

Natural Acne Treatments at Home – 7 Tips For Healthy, Acne-Free Skin

While many cases of acne require topical or even internal treatments, there are things you can do to help the process along. If you are looking for natural acne treatments at home, here are 7 helpful tips on how to maintain healthy, acne-free skin:

Exercise! Moderate exercise is great for your skin by helping you maintain good general health and ward of stress which, in some cases can exacerbate acne.

No make-up when you do exercise. If you must wear it, use as little as possible and try to stick to oil-free, non-comedogenic. Also, wash it off as soon as possible after working out to maintain acne-free skin.

Know your food triggers and avoid them. There is no direct link between specific foods and acne, however, some individuals do find that consuming certain foods causes their acne to flare-up.

Beware of iodine. Some vitamin supplements contain iodine, and while amounts are usually negligible, if iodine is present in amounts greater than the RDA of 150 mcg, it may aggravate your acne. So to be acne-free, keep iodine amounts in check!

Moisturize with honey. An excellent idea for natural acne treatment at home is a honey facial. Many topical acne treatments can dry out your skin. One natural way to replenish some of the moisture without clogging your pores is to cover your face (and neck) with natural honey, leave for 10-15 minutes and then wash it away leaving your skin soft and refreshed.

Raw potato exfoliation. Another useful trick for anyone looking for natural acne treatments at home is to rub raw potato on your face. The acid found in a raw potato is great for scrubbing away dry, dead skin cells which clog pores. As well, the vitamin C in a raw potato will give your skin a healthy glow.

Loose fitting clothes. If you are prone to body acne, when exercising or in extensive heat you should avoid wearing synthetic fabrics that don’t breath. Lightweight, loose-fitting, natural fabrics are best to avoid breakouts.

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