What Type Of Red Wine Is Best To Drink For Anti-Aging Benefit?

What Type Of Red Wine Is Best To Drink For Anti-Aging Benefit?

Red wine has many benefits. It’s been said to lower high cholesterol levels and the incidence of heart attacks. According to research, red wine can fight cancer cells, prevent ulcer and stroke, and build stronger bones. It’s also said to help with digestion that is why lots of people are now making it a habit to drink wine especially after a heavy meal. But the benefits of wine do not end on the digestive system. Red wine drinkers are going to find out (if they haven’t already discovered it) that the wine they have come to love so much holds the secret to looking and feeling young as well.

Yes, red wine has anti-aging properties. The red grapes that are used to make it contain Resveratol, a plant chemical compound that works as a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants, if you must know, fight the free radicals that either our body itself produces when the cells of the body use oxygen in some way or which are brought about by outside factors. These free radicals damage our body in more ways than one, but having a sufficient supply of antioxidants helps in the process of repair of these damaged cells and limits the impact of these free radicals on the health. There are different sources of antioxidants, and yes red wine happens to be one of them.

Now, of course, you will have plenty of options when it comes to red wine, but when you are after the health benefits, you may need to settle on one that is not necessarily the best-tasting wine out there. Organic red wines may not be as delicious as the most popular or expensive wine brands in the market today, but the fact that they are naturally grown (meaning they don’t have to rely on artificial or chemical aids to grow) makes them a wiser choice. Organic wines using grapes grown from the mountain regions where the weather is colder are said to come with more Resveratol. The reason probably is that during cold weather, the grapes have to produce more Resveratol to fight off the fungi they come across with.

But while red wine carries many health benefits, it should be consumed only in moderation. Anything that is excessive can’t be all that good. Even water which we are told to drink plenty of should have limits, too. So, even with all its amazing benefits, red wine should be drunk moderately. A glass or two daily is a good way to enjoy the wine’s heart and anti-aging benefits, but more than that can be very harmful to your health already. You know how alcohol can interfere with your brain’s functions, right? You’ve heard it often, “don’t drink and drive”. And remember, it also contains alcohol and calories. Too much alcohol makes you lose your sensibility and makes you gain weight, as well. It goes to say that you cannot make the health benefits of red wine as an excuse to drink the night away. Well, surely it isn’t just red wine that contains Resveratol. There are other sources of Resveratol, such as red or purple grape juice and peanuts, too.

It’s important to understand that taking as much Resveratol as recommended should not eliminate the need to keep your skin clean and protected from the harmful rays of the sun, and to create a healthy lifestyle, especially if you really want to see results fast. Healthy living does a lot of good things to the body. It increases the body’s ability to protect itself, to heal itself, and to fight stress and toxins that speed up the aging process.

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