Top Tips For Fabulous Feet

Top Tips For Fabulous Feet

At this time of year it’s more important than ever to look after your feet. Whether you’re off on holiday or simply want to wear the latest sandal fashions, well cared-for feet will make a huge difference to your overall appearance.

If you want to wear your summer foot fashions with pride this year then why not take a look at our top five tips for fabulous feet.A�

1)A�Use a foot scrub every time you bathe. Massage your favourite scrub into your feet whilst in the bath, it’s a great habit to get into. You can also create your own home-made foot scrub easily by combining course sea salt with olive oil and the juice of a lemon or a few drops of aromatherapy oil. Peppermint will cool down hot, aching feet, tea-tree is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and will help to treat any nasty fungal infections while rosemary oil will help to warm cold feet and with circulation. For any stubborn, problem skin on your heels you could try also using a pumice stone.


2)A�Always moisturise your feet following your bath – just as you would the rest of your body. Use a rich moisturiser and pay particular attention to the ball and heel of the foot. For an extra treat follow by massaging them with oil to lock in the moisture. Cover with socks to avoid slipping and to ensure that the oil is absorbed properly. Again, you can customise your own foot oil by adding some aromatherapy oils to a base such as almond/vitamin E oil.A�

3)A�Following a bath is also great time to work on your toenails. Trim toenails and push back your cuticles while they are still soft, using a dry flannel, this will also remove any excess oil from the nail prior to painting. Trim toenails straight across to avoid in-growth and file to give a smooth edge. A�

4) Paint your toenails in the colour of your choice. You can really have fun with this – matching to your fingernails or giving your toes a really bright colour and leaving the fingernails natural. Always use a base coat to avoid staining and a top coat to protect the colour you choose from chips.A�

5) Decorate your feet with toe rings, temporary/henna tattoos or even a pretty anklet.A�

By lexutor