Guide To Hair Removal Creams (Chemical Depilatory)

Guide To Hair Removal Creams (Chemical Depilatory)

Chemical depilatories are hair removal products; creams, gels, aerosols, roll ons and foams that contain chemicals that dissolve any hairs when applied to the skin. The chemicals included in these products weaken the hair, which can then be scraped off, often with a specially designed plastic implement. Some manufacturers say that their product will simply wash or sponge away along with the hair, without the need for scraping.

These products are generally created for use on the under arms and legs and should not be used elsewhere unless the manufacturer has specified such. Always follow the instructions very carefully and do a patch test prior to use.

Chemical depilatories are available to buy in a variety of forms depending on the preference of the user though they all work in the same way. The user may find that an aerosol form is more convenient or may prefer the feel of a gel, this is purely down to individual preference.


-Chemical depilatories are reasonably inexpensive and can be used at home without the need for a professional beautician.

-Regrowth is softer than you may find with shaving as the hair is dissolved rather than cut.

-They come in various strengths and should be able to dissolve any hair type.

-They are painless if used correctly and on skin that is not sensitive to the chemicals in the product.


-Chemical depilatories can cause a severe skin reaction in some users, always test the product on a small area before applying to the entire leg and use for the exact time specified – never leave on longer hoping for a smoother finish!

-Not great for sensitive skin.

-Regrowth will appear quite quickly, as it does with shaving.

-Many chemical depilatory products have an unpleasant smell and they can be fiddly to use.

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