Simply Fashion

Today, I’m going to take a break from pointing out great sales and discounts, to discuss- simply fashion. What are the hottest trends right now? Of course, there are always thousands of trends that are popular at any moment- but a few rise above the rest in terms of popularity and style. For the 2010 winter season, these trends are: Plaid, Rocker chic, and Boho.

Plaid, which picked up momentum during the fall season, has managed to pick up speed through the winter season. Truthfully, I can’t forsee this trend ending anytime soon. Mainly because of it’s versatility and the ease in which it becomes the focal point of an ensemble. During the fall, we noticed plaid on dresses and long-sleeve, mainly button up shirts- which gave the season a very western feel.

Fast forward to the winter and we are seeing plaid on coats, vests.. even boots and shoes. I personally adore plaid- its cute and its simple to pull off with minimal effort. Actually, wearing plaid requires less effort than usual- eye liner, lip stick, and glamorous curls don’t really go with the vibe, now does it?

Also, it seems that whether you are at a party or just the mall, you are passing rockstar look-a-likes everywhere. Studs, leather, grommets, animal prints, and textured tights are ruling the style scene. And why not? It’s such a youthful and edgy look.. who doesn’t want to showcase their tough side every once in awhile?

And finally.. boho. But really, when is this look not trendy? It seems to last season after season. Although, recently it has really taken off with the introduction of more fur into wardrobes everywhere. We are seeing fur jackets and vests- fur is even being used as the trimming on purses, shoes, and gloves. Which is divine for the winter season.. nothing is cozier than fur. Faux fur, to be specific.

I really love the cropped fur jackets that are popping up everywhere- especially the ultra trendy leopard printed ones. Now if I could successfully pull it off, is the question.

Thanks for reading about simply fashion and happy shopping!

By lexutor