Men’s Fashion Accessories – A Wide Range

Men’s Fashion Accessories – A Wide Range

Do you think that fashion accessories are for women only? If you think so, then you might not have a clue about current fashion trends. With the advent of the metrosexual man, proper grooming and looking good has never been more important to men, all over the world. And men have finally realized that there is much more to accessories than just utility. So, the last decade has seen the rise and rise of men’s fashion accessories.

A Wide Range

If you want look trendy and hip, there are a whole host of fashion accessories that you can choose from. These accessories are versatile and help in increasing your style quotient. Whether you favor the classic colors and shapes or want to something a bit more outlandish, there’s one for everyone!

Moreover, it is not necessary to break bank in order to accessorize fashionably. Men’s fashion accessories are suitable for shoestring as well as astronomical budgets. Depending on where you make your purchase, you can buy a lot of accessories for very little money. But if high-fashion brands are your only preference, be prepared to spend lots of cash!

So, what are the different accessories you should have?


A watch is not just for telling time. It reflects who you are and so, if you want to project a professional image you should avoid oversized straps and faces. Stick to white, black or off-white faces. If you want a masculine good and have thick wrists, go for a steel band. Leather bands are classy too, but are less durable than metal ones.


Wallets are accessories that can make a great statement of style. If you want everyone to appreciate your sense of fashion when you draw out your wallet to settle the bill at an upscale restaurant, go for a classic black leather wallet. Make sure that you change your wallets when they get worn out and look shabby. Continuing to use a shabby wallet is a big fashion faux pas. You should also know that the money clip is now outdated and coin purses are considered too feminine.

Gloves and Scarves

Plain black leather gloves can work great with formal wear. Don’t wear woolen gloves in bright colors because they look really cheap and childish. A scarf can look great with a long overcoat and conveys class and power.


Belts can be used with both formal and casual wear. Belts for formal wear should not be more than three inches wide and must have small buckles. Black is the ideal color for such belts because most of your formal shoes are perhaps black in color.

When you are buying a belt, for jeans or other informal trousers, go for a two-color reversible belt in black and brown. Larger buckles can make you look really macho!


If you are still carrying a briefcase to work, maybe it’s time to stop doing so. You can try out the trendy messenger bags in black or classic brown shades.

Hope you can step out in style after using these men’s fashion accessories!

By lexutor