Makeup and Beauty Trends for Spring and Summer 2011

Makeup and Beauty Trends for Spring and Summer 2011

Fashion weeks are held semi-annually in all major fashion capitals. From January to April, designers show their autumn/winter collections and from September to November spring/summer collections are showcased. Fashion weeks are held well in advance to allow a chance to press and buyers to preview fashion trends for upcoming season.

Various fashion trends have been set for upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 season. Top Italian designer houses like Giorgio Armani, Prada and Gucci have revealed their spring-summer masterpieces along with latest makeup and beauty trends. Upcoming spring/summer 2011 season offers top beauty trends inspirations. Some of the major makeup and beauty trends are given below.

Bright Lips:

Models that strutted down Spring/Summer 2011 runways were popped up with coral, pink and red lips. From matte through glossy finishes, no doubts bright lips are clearly must-haves for upcoming season. Continued from winter 2010, bright colors like orange-red will be defining fashion for spring 2011 season as well. Bright lips will be a symbol for bold and beautiful flaunting sensuality.

Hippie Hair:

This season, retro hairstyle will be IN. It’s easy to create and manage this look. Long flowing natural waves, the reminiscent of 1960s and 1970s, trailed down the runways of spring-summer 2011. To recreate matte waves, makeup artists used generous amount of gel. For 2011 spring-summer, messier the hairs will be, better they will look.

Bronze Babes:

Golden or bronze skin is synonymous to warm climate and this makeup trend was frequently don by runway models during spring/summer 2011 shows. Etro models wore violet lids to accentuate hazy. Makeup artist dusted MAC White Gold Pro Pigment Powder on top of peach blush which created a sun-kissed glow. Carrying on with same color as side theme, Moschino girls upper cheeks were dusted in rust-brown shades which accentuated their pouts.

Sleek Updos:

Spring 2011 runway shows of Versace, Prada and Jil Sander viewed models wearing the classic lady look updos. Hairs were kept close to head which draws attention to face that can be just as high glamorous as big hair. You can play with accessories and shape which adds complementary touch to updo. Sleek updos look classy and elegant for all occasions.

These were some makeup and beauty highlights from Spring/Summer 2011 runway shows. So, get inspired with these makeup trends and get ready for the ravishing summer looks!

By lexutor