Beware – Learn About The Dangers Of Skincare Promotion Products

Beware – Learn About The Dangers Of Skincare Promotion Products

Be careful about buying products from a skincare promotion. They could be past their expiration date. Here are some other things to consider before you buy something at a discount.

The expiration date is important, because the natural oils found in the better products can easily become rancid. No matter what kind of preservative is included in the product, there is a limited shelf-life.

Most inexpensive products contain artificial preservatives. Those can cause redness, itching and irritation. The best preservative is natural vitamin E, which happens to provide other benefits as well.

If you use a product containing rancid oils and you have even a small break in the skin’s surface, you can get a serious infection. In addition, rancid oils contain free radicals, which do tiny bits of damage to the skin’s cells.

The tiny bits add up to wrinkles, age spots and other problems like that.

If a product is free of added fragrances, you can use the sniff test to detect spoilage. Rancid oils smell something like rotten fish. Added fragrances can mask the odor.

Products in a skincare promotion may not provide the results you want to see. Even if they are not past their expiration date and do not contain rancid oils. Effective ingredients are relatively expensive. They can still be affordable if companies want to provide affordable products, but they are not cheap.

For example, let’s say you were looking for a deep cleansing mask. Most of the cheap masks really don’t work.

The most effective ingredients are kaolin and bentone gel. Derived from mineral clay, they literally suck dirt and toxins out of your pores. They also have a mild (not harsh) drying effect, which absorbs excessive sebum.

The cheap masks you might find at a skincare promotion will dry out on your skin. They are difficult to remove and are more likely to clog the pores than clear them.

The best deep cleansing masks contain macadamia oil and other luxurious oils to keep them from drying out. After 20 or 30 minutes, you just rinse away the mask and the dirt. Your skin will be super clean and glowing.

Suppose you wanted an anti-aging nighttime moisturizer. That would be a smart purchase. Your skin’s natural cellular rejuvenation goes on at night.

One of the ingredients that stimulate and support the cellular rejuvenation process is Shea butter.

If you find a product containing Shea butter at a skincare promotion, it will not be the highest grade. Only the highest grades have the healing benefits.

The low grades contain contaminants. They are extracted using chemical solvents. Remnants of the solvents remain in the butter. You want food-grade Shea butter with no added fragrances.

Fragrances are particularly annoying in the middle of the night. They can interfere with your sleep and cause you to wake up looking worse than when you went to bed.

Even if you do decide to buy a night cream you find at a skincare promotion, make sure it is free of added fragrances and artificial preservatives.

That’s the least you can do.

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