How to Look Pretty in Polka Dots

How to Look Pretty in Polka Dots

If you find florals a little too feminine but want a pretty pattern to add interest to your outfit, a polka dot print could be just the thing. If you think it might be a little too much on a top or a dress, try a pair of women’s shoes in a polka dot print or fabulous spotty handbag to liven up your look. Here are our top tips for how to look pretty in polka dots:

Less is more

Polka dots usually dominate an outfit so it’s important not to overdo it. It’s best to stick to just one spotty item per outfit because of this – plus it’s very hard to match spots across different items. It’s best to keep your outfit to just the two colours of your spot print, for example a black and white outfit with a black and white spotty bag or shoes.

Keep it simple

Because spotty patterns are so busy they don’t really mix well with other patterns such as stripes or florals. Unless you are feeling very bold it’s best to avoid contrasting prints. Keep the rest of your outfit plain and let your polka dots do the talking! Many beautiful shoes have cute spotty linings, so even if no-one else sees it, it’s a great way to indulge a love of spots!

Size matters

From ditzy dots to big bold buttons, polka dots come in all kinds of sizes. It’s important to think about scale. For something small like a hair accessory or pair of shoes, smaller spots work better as you’ll see more of the pattern, whereas for a roomy bag for example, a larger spot will work well. The size of the print can have a flattering effect on your figure too. Fuller figures look better in larger motifs that won’t be repeated too much. This will be more flattering than a small spot, which will give the impression that there is more fabric there.

Get the retro look

If you love a little vintage 50’s glamour then polka dots are for you! From stilettos and platform shoes to cute clutch bags, a polka dot print epitomises the elegance of the era, whilst still being fun! Team with a full circle skirt and round button earrings for the complete retro look. For a rockabilly edge go for a black and red colour scheme with clam-digger jeans and headscarf.

Nautical chic

Although stripes are traditionally associated with the nautical style, spots are a great way to achieve sailor girl style in a more contemporary way. Key polka dot colour combos to get this look are navy and white or red and white. Go for a cute pair of wedges or flat ballerina pumps to give any simple outfit a nautical twist.

By lexutor