Do You Know The Fashion Trends for the Upcoming Spring Season?

Do You Know The Fashion Trends for the Upcoming Spring Season?

Because of the recession that is worldwide at this point, everyone wants to be stylish and comfortable in their own home crocheted clothing! That statement proves that crocheting is an inexpensive way to stay stylish! Of course, if you want to purchase these same stylish garments anywhere, I’m sure that they are very costly!

Another advantage to making your own crocheting garments is that you can make them in the colors that you like and desire. If you purchase them, you may not always be able to obtain the color that you want or need–as far as I know, wool cannot be dyed – so you are stuck unless you crochet your stylish garments in the color that you like!

Another point that I have personally noticed is that everyone in the fashion industry seems to want to go back to the natural colors and looks – for example, uncoloured wool, even if it is hard to find – but it can be done!

It’s funny how the fashion trends keep coming back time after time isn’t it? I guess when the economy gets weak no matter who you are or where you are, the age-old fashions keep coming back.

The men’s and boy’s fashions are running along the same trends – the only difference is that the men’s and boy’s tops are not quite as revealing or fancy as the ladies’ and teens’ apparel.

I did notice a trend amongst the new mothers of the local hospital after having their babies. Even though the hospital has some beautiful outfits that are home crocheted on display and for sale, the new mothers ask local women to crochet them clothing for their new babies. Their excuse is that these small items of baby clothing are too expensive, or not the right color!

Crocheting is an age-old art, and it comes out whenever the cash flow is short anywhere.

The other trend that I have noticed in the last little while is that more women (and sometimes, men) want to learn how to crochet for the simple reason of their finances and they just want to learn. I applaud them for that and also inform them that this is a smart decision – they can make their own items at a reduced price, at their own leisure, in the colors and style that they desire.

Some home crocheters are going to be disappointed when they find out that the return of the doily is something that hasn’t happened as of yet. However, the motif bedspreads, even though they take a long time to make, are in high demand by people of all ages.

When I home crochet a motif bedspread for anyone, I tend to enclose written directions for laundering and storing this piece of work. That goes over well with all of my customers! Some people don’t know how to care for these ageless classics; they don’t have a clue how to launder them, much less how to store them when the bedspreads are not on a bed!

By lexutor