Work Attire Tips

Fashion isn’t just about looking good when you’re out socially, many of us spend a large proportion of our time at work, and the way we dress there is very important.

Learning to dress both fashionably and appropriately for work doesn’t come naturally for all of us so we thought we’d put together some tips on how to get it right!


There are some basic rules to remember when dressing for work that can simplify your decisions on a working wardrobe. Number one is to avoid revealing clothing. Items that show too much of your chest or cleavage are a no-no. Also avoid open back items, or clothing that shows any stomach or reveals any underwear. Always ensure that your clothing is clean, well ironed and in a good state of repair and avoid wearing items with pictures, slogans and large logos, unless it is the company logo. Never go to work in gym or beach wear.


Smart trousers, including linen and tailored cropped trousers (for female staff) are generally appropriate. Some employers will find smart, dark coloured jeans and leggings (with a longline top) acceptable but it may be worth checking this out with your employer.

Trousers that are generally unacceptable include; jogging bottoms, dance or yoga jersey material ‘pants’, shorts, Bermuda shorts and brightly coloured items.

Skirts and dresses

Tailored skirts and dresses in neutral colours, that finish on, or below the knee are acceptable in most places of work. Avoid very tight fitting, short items and ‘spaghetti strap’ / ‘maxi’ dresses.

Shirts, blouses and tops

The best type of tops for work are smart shirts, blouses and neutral, jersey material tops. Avoid anything made in see-through materials. As previously mentioned, tops with slogans, pictures and large logos should be avoided.


Avoid flip-flops, platformed shoes and ‘flashy’ trainers.

Head coverings

Hats and other head coverings are generally inappropriate for work unless they are required for religious purposes or cultural tradition.

Jewellery, makeup and scent

All of these things should be subtle, with limited body piercing on view, preferably ears only.

By lexutor