Organic Skin Care – Did You Know Even Branded Skincare Products Contain Dangerous Ingredients?

Organic Skin Care – Did You Know Even Branded Skincare Products Contain Dangerous Ingredients?

When it comes to organic skin care, you need to make sure your meaning is the same as the company from which you are buying. Many companies put ingredients in the products they make that have shown to be harmful.

How do you know which products are safe? Read the label, do your research and make sure you use only organic skin care products in the right amount.

This is another thing that manufacturers are guilty of doing. They think that a trace of an organic ingredient qualifies their product as organic.

Yes, the companies list their ingredients on the label, but has anyone heard of half of these ingredients? Using products that contain ingredients that you know are beneficial is the safest way of staying away from dangerous products.

Butyl parabens, propyl, ethyl and methyl are sometimes ingredients you will find on the labels of organic skin care products.

Did you know that these ‘preservatives’ are actually chemicals?

In addition, these ingredients have shown a propensity for causing cancer. At the very least they mess up the endocrine system in the body and can cause reactions as well as rashes.

Almost all skincare products contain fragrances. These are also possible carcinogens. Even if they are not carcinogens they may be toxic.

The toxicity of these chemicals can cause problems with the central nervous system as well as being totally unnecessary. The only reason fragrances are added is to get the consumer to buy the product.

When you are ready for true organic skin care, look for the products that have been proven to be organic. Ingredients such as avocado oil, Japanese sea kelp, grape seed oil and manuka honey should be part of your skin care product.

The organic skin care products should be of a certain amount as well or they will not do any good for your skin. The active ingredients have to be 50% of the product. This is because only when they are used in high concentrates are they effective.

Products used for organic skin care cannot contain parabens. They are linked to cancer and are dangerous for systems of the body.

They also should not contain mineral oil. This ingredient does not benefit the skin. It blocks the pores of the skin and causes problems.

When using so called ‘organic skin care’ that is not truly organic they can cause the sebum, which is the skin’s natural oil, to become unbalanced. This causes the skin to be either too dry or too oily.

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