Why Natural Products Are Better For Your Skin

Why Natural Products Are Better For Your Skin

Every time you slosh on some lotion, moisturizer or even eye-liner, you may be one of many who are applying toxins right onto that precious skin. What’s more is that your skin may actually even destroy itself faster because of these toxins! Shocking? Well even though there’s plenty of information out there for consumers (like yourself) to judge which ingredients are toxic, there’s lots of misinformation and contradictory information too. This not only confuses consumers but also doesn’t help them get the facts that can guide them towards healthy choices.

Keep in mind that whatever goes onto your skin gets into your body through skin pores and then circulates itself around your body. So it’s ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT to make sure that not only your food but the skin products you use contain the right ingredients too!

Plants are living substances made of the same vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormones, fatty acids and enzymes that we are made up of. So plants are easily categorized as “nutrition” by our body making them safe to eat and use on your body. Natural ingredients will positively BENEFIT you compared to synthetic ingredients which the body may categorize as toxins, causing typical allergy reactions.

When synthetic ingredients get into the body, the body spends a lot of its energy trying to get rid of them. This stresses out the immune system and importantly, the liver, making you lose a lot of your vital energy. This may cause your health to suffer and cause a wave of negativity in your body triggering off allergies, sinus problems, asthma and recurring infections. 

This makes it absolutely essential to look out for natural products which are wholly made with plant ingredients. Literally, everything that you put on your skin, you should be able to eat because your body IS eating it! This is why you’ll find in natural skin care products ingredients like vegetable oils, water, honey, oats, herbs, sea weed. So when you go skin care shopping read labels, and check whether you could use the ingredients to eat or cook with. Try to get something which is certified organic.

When trying to figure out what skin care products to buy, look out for these naturally beneficial ingredients:

Natural vegetable oils: These are packed with benefits! Coconut oil, sweet almond oil, sesame oil, wheat germ oil are a few.

Water is absolutely essential in moisturizing so watch out for distilled or de-ionized water on labels: these are the good guys!

Botanicals are the best for the skin: substances like chamomile, lavender, frankincense, rose, myrrh, Melissa, geranium, seaweed and many more. They could come in different, yet safe forms such as herbal extracts and infusions, essential oils and hydrosols.

Natural products are the RIGHT ones…because you need to FEED your skin things YOU wouldn’t mind eating your self!

By lexutor