2010 Fall Fashion Trends

2010 Fall Fashion Trends

As the summer is coming towards an end, it’s that time of year where all the ladies need to get their fall wardrobe in order. This is a great time of year in fashion as we get to wear layers and jackets, as well as other fun accessories.

Some of this falls hottest items will be a spin off from last years fall collection. Ladies tuxedo jackets, cardigans, silk scarves and more will hit the stores. If there’s one piece of advice I can offer is to buy several staple pieces. Find statement pieces that you can wear in different ways and get several uses out of the piece. This guide will share some ways of doing this.

The first piece on my list is scarves! Every lady should have several scarves to include in their wardrobe. They can be used in many different ways, so it’s an accessory that can be used often. It can also keep you warm!

Scarves are made from many different materials including silk, cotton, cashmere and more. The scarf can be used to create an edgy and hip look or even a tradition or business look. It all depends on how you wear it. The edgy look is created with a looser fitting neck scarf that’s held together through a loop. Always keep it loose and it should appear as if you didn’t put too much effort into throwing it on. This can really create a cool and fun look.

Then there’s the other options for a more professional or classy look. It can be worn in a style that acts as a tie or just cleanly applied. If you’re looking to wear a scarf to work, this is the look you’ll want to go for.

Another one of my favorite pieces for this fall is the tuxedo jacket. This is a great option that has replaced the boyfriend jacket. A lady wearing a tuxedo jacket looks awesome! They should always have a tailored look, which can be used with many different outfits.

If you’re looking to get funky and go out on the town, throw on the tuxedo jacket. If you want to look nice at work, the tuxedo jacket can also work. It all depends on what you wear the jacket with. For the funkier fun look, wear the jacket with a pair of skinny jeans and fun high heels. Under the jacket, throw on a tank top or a cool vintage t-shirt. For a professional look, slim pants will look great.

Fall shopping is here, so get out there and find some pieces that you can use in different ways. The weather will change before you know it so make sure your scarves and tuxedo jacket are ready to rock!

By lexutor