Top Ten Beauty Must-Haves 2010

Top Ten Beauty Must-Haves 2010


One of the simplest ways to protect and nourish your skin is to use a good moisturiser every day. This is not only important for your face and neck but the rest of your body too! Invest in a good quality night and day cream for your face and neck, and separate creams for body and hands. Don’t forget to moisturise your feet too, cracked heels are not a good look!

Bottled water

Water is a beauty staple and it’s a great idea to get into the habit of keeping a bottle of it close by, particularly at work where it can help to control snacking too. We would recommend investing in a water filter; that way you can refill your bottles without breaking the bank.

Vaseline Lip Therapy

We don’t often endorse products but we love Vaseline’s ‘Rosy lips’ Lip Therapy and it has won it’s place into our favourites. It smells gorgeous, protects and softens lips, lasts for ages and is very affordable. Brilliant!

YSL Touch?� ?�clat

Another product that we are happy to mention by name. Touch?� ?�clat by Yves saint Laurent is known in our office as the beauty industry’s magic wand. The fabulous formula reflects light, concealing dark circles, highlighting where needed and softenning flaws.

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara

The last product that we will specify by brand, Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara was a recent winner in the Marie Claire Prix D’Excellence beauty awards and we agree that it lengthens, plumps and separates lashes effectively, leaving you with stunning eyes.

White eyeliner

We recommend adding a white eyeliner to your eye makeup collection so find one in your favourite brand and keep it handy. White eyeliner is fantastic for brightenning tired eyes, apply a little to the inner lower eye lid for a photo shoot or evening out and you’ll see what we mean.

Red lipstick

Every girl must have a red lipstick and it couldn’t be more fashionable right now so find a shade that suits your skin tone and go for it! Don’t forget the eyes/lips rule; if you wear red lipstick keep your eye make up simple.


Keep a small or tester size bottle of your favourite perfume in your handbag, you never know when you may want to use it and it’s nice to have that ‘signature scent’ that people recognise as you walk by. Follow our advice here and keep it subtle, spritz the air and walk into the cloud of perfume rather than applying direct to the skin.

Deep conditioner

All year round your hair feels the force of the elements and a regular deep conditioning treatment will really help to keep it soft and smooth. Buy a good one that suits your hair type and use it at least once a week.

Electric toothbrush

Nothing finishes your look like a bright smile so invest in an electric toothbrush to give yourself a head start, we promise you won’t go back!

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