Support Healthy ‘Real’ Models

Support Healthy ‘Real’ Models

We would like to remind anyone trying to make it into the modelling industry to put their health first.

In such a competitive industry it is easy for potential models to get wrapped up in the latest fad diets or feel the need to compete with edited images that may be seen in magazines or online; but responsible agencies are sharing their message to prioritise wellbeing and avoid the pressures that have, and continue to affect many models.

Despite an encouraging change within the industry in recent times that has seen acceptance and celebration of ‘real’ bodies, many models are still suffering from the effects of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. We are saddened to know that illnesses like this may be triggered by modelling ambitions and are urging anyone on their books to focus on health before size.

We believe that people should look to gorgeous models like size 12 Lizzie Miller for inspiration and focus on building self confidence and good health. After all, nothing is more attractive than a person who feels good about themselves and being comfortable in your own skin is a far more important asset than achieving a very low BMI.

If you are conscious about your body by all means consider toning up with regular exercise, this way you will be improving your health, mood and confidence, but strict diets are almost always a bad idea.

With an increase in influential fashion industry figures finally appearing to make a stand against ‘size zero’ ideals, we are optimistic that more agencies will follow their lead and relax size restrictions for those with ambitions to make it as a model.

Whatever the future brings, we will continue to have an inclusive attitude and wish men and women of all sizes the best of luck in their modelling careers!

By lexutor