Recommended Skincare – Are You Sure You Are Not Getting Ripped Off?

Recommended Skincare – Are You Sure You Are Not Getting Ripped Off?

When I ask the question about whether you are getting ripped off or not, I am thinking more in terms of results rather than actually wasting money. It is bad enough spending money on a useless product but the time lost and the disappointing results are just unbearable. That is why recommended skincare where you are assured of quality and serious research is, quite frankly, invaluable.

Let me give you a few facts about what the skincare industry is up to these days and what to look out for so that you will not end up disappointed. Did you know for example that we can absorb up to 60% of ingredients into our bloodstream? That means that if these are toxic in any way, they may well end up doing us a lot of damage, unless they are excreted through the normal channels.

The plasticizers known as phthalates, the parabens that mimic estrogen and all the others that upset our endocrine systems may actually end up in human tissue. Parabens have even been found in cancerous breast tissue. If they are excreted or washed off, they will get into the environment so they are found in our rivers and streams. These toxins have even started to affect wildlife and affected their hormones so that the feminization of fish is not unknown.

Fortunately there are watchdog associations and consumer groups who are on the warpath and I hope that their work will be recognized and that people will lobby their representatives more and more. We have a basic human right to be able to buy a skincare or personal care product without ever having to risk our health. That is why legislation and regulation must be introduced.

In the meanwhile, what can we do so that recommended skincare is safe and free of toxins? The only safe and sure way to do this is to find one of the 1,000 cosmaceutical companies who are signed up to the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics. That means that there are no harmful toxins in their products and that they are using as far as humanly possible 100% natural and organic ingredients.

Recommended skincare for me means that the above rules are applied with no exceptions. You can easily check on the company’s website if they are signed up. Then there should be a guarantee of six months so that any eventual allergy or other skin problem can be identified and the product sent back. I do not know of many companies who are confident enough to offer a six month guarantee,.

I have built a website outlining some of the safest ingredients I know about and this is, for me at least, recommended skincare at its finest. Why not click through and see if you agree with me?

By lexutor