Fashion – The Rules of the Game

Fashion – The Rules of the Game

It is a known fact that females love to dress up and flaunt their beauty at every given chance. Following the latest trends and fashion most often tops their priority list but while participating in this rat race of being fashionable, most of the times they turn a blind eye to whether the fashion that they are carrying is even suiting them or not.

There are certain cardinal rules which needs to be followed while following fashion. The first and the most thing to understand is that fashion can not always be wearable, there are lots of fashion trends which practically can not be moved out of the ramp. Hence, one has to understand that while fashion at times can not be carried as it is, it can always be styled to suit the individual personality. Once this notion is cleared, its then time to concentrate on the wardrobe.

A female wardrobe needs to be the right mix of chic classic dresses and funky fashionable clothes. There are few essentials amongst women fashion wear which has to have a place in the wardrobe and those are: a pair of classic black pants, a stylish crisp white shirt, a little black dress, a suave coat, a pair of nice fitting denims and a wrap dress. Not to forget that a trendy handbag and a couple of sexy stilettos also make way to the must-haves list.

Another important thing to remember while dressing is that a trendy dress does not guarantee you a pleasing fashion statement for if the dress does not suit your body type and personality, then you very well might end up making a fashion blunder. Thus. it is important to understand the colors, cuts and designs that complement your body structure and help you highlight your assets and play down your flaws.

By lexutor