New Year, New You

We can’t all afford to escape to a spa for the weekend so here are some home-spa tips on renewing your senses and relaxing your body, as a great way to start 2010 and combat the effects of recent cold weather and seasonal over-indulgences.

Too many of us seem to feel guilty about taking some time out for ourselves but it is so important to do just that, particularly if you lead a busy life. Why not try these self-rejuvenating techniques the next time you find that you have a free evening? They will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the year ahead. For best results make time for them weekly or monthly, and feel the difference all year round!

Rejuvenating home-spa techniques:

Gentle exercise

Take some gentle exercise. Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi would be perfect, or, if you are lucky enough to live somewhere with a nice area for a walk, this, or a half-hour swim are some other ideal options.


You will need – a towel, some nourishing shampoo and a deep conditioner. Place your towel on a radiator and leave to heat through. While this is in progress, reach for your nourishing shampoo, which will give your hair a good clean without drying.

Wet your hair and massage the shampoo firmly into your roots, refreshing your scalp and shifting any build up, then rinse thoroughly and repeat the process. When you are satisfied that your hair and scalp are squeaky clean, apply a liberal amount of deep conditioning treatment to your hair, concentrating on the ends, and wrap in the warm towel-. Leave it for as long as you can before a final rinse. If possible leave your hair in the towel while you bathe.

Face and body

You will need – a deep cleansing face mask, an exfoliating sponge, 2x cotton wool balls, 500g Dead Sea Salts and your favourite 100% pure essential oil (we recommend rose or lavender), moisturising shower gel, face and body moisturiser, some body oil and a bath robe.

Hang your robe on a radiator to warm it up.

Run a deep warm bath, adding the salts and 6-8 drops of your favourite essential oil. Apply your face mask and step into your bath. Take the cotton wool balls and run them under the cold tap, squeeze out excess water and place them over your eyes. Lay back and soak for the length of time recommended on the face mask directions. Remove cotton wool and rinse off your face mask with cool water.

Apply a little of your moisturising shower gel to the exfoliating sponge and gently buff your skin from the feet up, working in small circles and always towards the heart. When your entire body is tingly clean relax back into your bath for as long as you can, being careful not to fall asleep.

Immediately after your bath, apply moisturisers to your face and body as they will be most easily absorbed at this point. Rinse the conditioner from your hair now and following this apply oil to your body, locking in the moisture as soon as it has been absorbed.

Wrap yourself up in your warm robe, drink a large glass of water and preferably get an early night. For deeper relaxation try reading a good book rather than watching television, or lying down and simply focusing on the sound of your own breathing until you drift off.

Wake up feeling renewed and refreshed!

By lexutor