Guide to Choosing Your Pageant or Prom Dress

Guide to Choosing Your Pageant or Prom Dress

Plus size

If you have curves make the most of them in a well fitted dress. Avoid skin tight or satin finish items as they can be unflattering and make you appear larger.

No curves

If you lack curves go for details such as ruffles, pleats or ruching and don’t be afraid of layering around the skirt of your dress. You can try some of the very feminine styles that the rest of us are afraid to wear!

Pear shaped

Try dresses with detail around the upper half or a halter neck style, which will balance out your figure. Full skirts will disguise bigger hips while still showing off your waist.

Apple shaped

Go for an empire or drop waisted dress, they will help to disguise a thicker waistline and flatter your shape.

Top heavy

Choose a dress with a square or v neck or even a one shoulder dress which can make shoulders appear smaller. Drop waistlines and wrap styles in flowing materials also look good on this type of figure.

Small bust

Detail such as ruffles and lace trim can add volume to the breast area or you can try a halter neck style. Alternatively cheat and buy a dress with padded cups sewn in.

Other tips

The most important factor in your pageant or prom dress is that you feel comfortable and confident in it, so follow your instincts no matter what your friends or the shop assistant says! If you feel awkward in your dress it will show. Another tip is to choose lingerie or shape wear carefully.

When considering color go with what you know suits you and avoid the temptation to buy a dress in a color that you are unsure of. Brights should certainly be left for those with a tanned complexion for instances, while darker colors tend to flatter paler skin tones.

Whatever you choose, have fun!

By lexutor