Guide To Avoiding Dark Circles Around The Eye

Guide To Avoiding Dark Circles Around The Eye

Causes and cures

Dark circles may be caused by a number of things but there is a way to tackle them all. We have added a list of common causes and some suggestions on how to deal with them below:

Age Aging causes your skin to become thinner and unfortunately this unavoidable process can leave the veins beneath the eye more visible and lead to dark circles. The best way to improve the appearance of dark circles caused by aging is to use a light concealer. We recommend Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Touche Eclat’ highlighting pen for this purpose.

Fatigue Lack of sleep is another very common cause of darkening under the eye. Obviously the answer is to get more sleep but this can be easier said than done, particularly for those who work long hours suffer from stress related insomnia. If you suffer from insomnia at night you could try grabbing a regular ‘power nap’ during the day and try to avoid caffeine as this alone can cause dark circles.

Smoking Smoking is notoriously bad for your skin. If you smoke try to give up, period.

Sinus problems and allergies Allergies and sinus problems can cause dark circles because they obstruct nasal passages. If you think this could be the cause of your dark circles then you must treat the allergy and clear the nasal passage.

Stomach and kidney problems Dark circles can be a sign that there is a problem with your stomach or kidneys. If you suffer from stomach complaints or lower back pain you should seek medical advice. Meanwhile cut back on fruit juices and caffeine, focus on a healthy, balanced diet and drink plenty of water, up to 8 glasses a day.

General tips

Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Always avoid dehydration and tiredness where possible.

Try damp chamomile teabags or cucumber slices as an eye freshener – place on your eyes and rest for 10 minutes.

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