Which Straps to Pair With Rolex Watches

Owning a Rolex watch is not something that is taken lightly. Not only are these watches extremely elegant and fashionable, but they are also dependable and last for years. Rolex watches are arguably the most popular kind of watch that you can buy and there is no question as to why. These watches are affordable when compared to how much money you spend on a new watch every few months. If you buy a Rolex, you know that this is the watch that you are going to own for years and you are happy about it. But buying a Rolex and being stuck with it for years upon years might come off as a big commitment. Sure, it’s a watch and can go with almost any outfit, but what id you don’t want the typical Rolex look all the time?

Did you know that you have the option to customize your Rolex watch? Usually when it comes to owning a watch the only thing people are looking at is the clock. But with a Rolex, there is something more to it. You aren’t just looking at the watch, you are looking at the whole thing. To make sure that the watch fits the aesthetic that you are going for, there are Rolex Watch Straps that you can buy so that your watch can look however you want it to.

But that is not all, if you don’t like the texture of your current Rolex strap, you can choose one that is made out of a different material. This not only gives you more style choices, but it also lets you pick your favorite texture so that you don’t have to wear something that you find uncomfortable.

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There are three straps that work best with Rolex Watches. There are plenty of straps out there but if you want something that will pair well when it comes to sizing and aesthetics, these are the three that you should be looking to.

The Rubber strap, this is common and can be found on a lot of different watches that are waterproof.

The Vintage French ammo strap, this is the common strap that you find on regular watches that you buy at your local super center. These bands are more comfortable than the rubber but they don’t dry off as easily.

And the Military Leather strap. This is something that is fancy and comfortable. Leather is naturally repellent to water so if it gets wet, most of the water will roll off and won’t soak your hand until it’s dry. Leather goes with pretty much every outfit so most people choose this strap over the others.

However, if you are looking for more color options, the rubber will be your best bet. The leather will be your second choice for color, and the ammo strap comes in a few basic colors but nothing extreme.

If you want something fancier, there are bracelets that you can get with your Rolex watch. The bracelets go up in price a little more than the straps and the only colors you are going to get is Silver and gold, the comfort is also something that will be leveled down, but the quality and style will be much more elegant if you go this route.

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To sum up the article quickly: There are a lot of different straps that will pair well with your Rolex watch. There isn’t one specific strap that works better than the others and the choice is ultimately yours to make. Pick the strap that fits you the best, it will be the right one.