What to Think About When Buying One Piece Swimwear

A few great swimsuits is something that every single woman needs in her closet. The first step in picking out a wardrobe full of swimsuits is deciding on the kind swimsuit to buy. In general, swimsuit shoppers will find both bikinis and one piece suits for sale. A combination of both types is a good idea for all women who love spending time outdoors in the hot weather. Many women want to buy one piece swimwear. These kinds of suits offer the coverage that women want and the style and versatility that they need to look great. When shopping for one piece swimsuits, it’s a good idea to think about the suit’s details. Color, neckline and the overall fit make it easier than ever to get out quickly and enjoy fabulous days in the sun.

The Use of Color

Color can draw attention to a wearer’s bright blue eyes, well manicured nails and beautiful auburn hair. One piece bathing suits can be found in varied colors and patterns. Understated black is always a good idea for the woman who wants something classically elegant. A splash of red is a good way to make it easy to spot you even in the middle of a crowd.

A woman should look closely at her own skin tone. Look to see if she sees warm tones like pink or cooler hints of color like blue. Women with warm skin tones benefit from one piece suits in equally warm tones. Look for suits in shades and patterns that use colors such as olive, mango, bronze and a deep mustard yellow. Women with cool skin tones should look for suits that bring in drama and added color. Bright jewel tones such as emerald, raspberry, sapphire blue and dark shades of purple will suit her best.

A Flattering Neckline

Another factor to bear in mind is the sort of neckline the suit has. Designers have experimented with many types of swimsuit necklines. A boater neckline pulls the bathing suit taut against the top of the chest, adding playful detail that reminds people of spending hours on a lake.

The halter neckline is frequently shown on many suits. It allows a woman to adjust the neckline to her personal preferences. She can bring it up higher if she wishes to avoid tanning a certain area or let it down when she’s feeling more relaxed. This kind of neckline is often paired with ruffles that create waves across the rest of the bodice. Ruffles help break up the overall lines of the suit and help show off the wearer’s bust to perfection. Those who are looking for something daring and fun might want to go for neckline that plunges from the top of the suit to the abdomen. This is one way to show off many hours spent at the gym and demonstrate a woman’s sense of self confidence when in the water.

The Best Fit

Fit is crucial when picking out a one piece swimsuit. The suit needs to fit well in order to allow her to move with ease. One piece suits can have many different types of leg openings and different types of straps. A high leg opening might be ideal for a woman who intends to do laps in her local pool. She can freely stretch her legs as she does the backstroke. A lower leg opening might be best for the woman who prefers a snugger fit across her lower torso.

Straps may be thick ribbons or a handful of strings. The standard one piece often has straps incorporated in the design. This is a good, basic style that will take her anywhere from Bondi beach to the dance floor. Thin ribbon straps that go across the entire back of the suit add a girlish touch and look charming.

By lexutor