Trends and Relations!

So, Holly and I are fine artists. I would like to express how difficult it is to live in a fashion world when you are such: every little trend connotes something specific, and so our thoughts and associations with material, design, color, and placement constantly impede or solidify our aesthetic decisions.

For instance, the new hair trend of faded pastel colors. This to me expresses light, ephemerality, sun-washing and it is the embodiment of Impressionism. Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Sisley. En plein air, or out of doors, painting: a return to nature and color and floral and fauna. Staining: the bruising or imprint of an action or memory. The way water reflects light. The way flowers hide in and out of shade. Mermaids. Nirvana. Grunge. And the Hindu festival of Holi, where colored pigments are splashed on one another in the name of love; true love, where Kama is restored for his wife, Rati, by Shiva, after his death, but only as a mental image, truly illustrating the idea of love, rather than the physicality of love.

The trend of deep and dark lipsticks: raspberry, brown, black. Cleopatra’s usage of the carmine beetle to extract its dark red pigment for her lips. Poison. The banning of lipstick during Medieval England for fear of its being used as a calling of Satan. Lips signifying speech; open word; open mouth, and so with the addition of a dark color: banned words or phrases, omens, incantations. The Halloween witch, or real witches: to hide in the shadows. To obliterate. To recede. The Black Plague. Eating pie. Eating jam. Fables.

Neon Colors: Bruce Nauman: desires, dreams, hopes, needs, humans. The advent of the street scene and art. Text art. Speaking. Head. Hand. Heart. Humanity. Gay Rights. Pain. Life. Clowns. Carnivals. The 80’s. Disco. Time Square. Fauvism.

Crochet: the working of the hands: twisting fingers: wrought and worried. Spider webs. Building. Skeleton/Skin. The brain and its’ synapses. Netting. To catch. Predator/Prey. Wool.

Athleticism vs. Haute Couture and/or the combination of the two: Hierarchical nature. The Feudal System. Peasants and Monarchy. The Plebeians and the Helots and the Patricians of Ancient Rome. Dirt and Gold.

The idea of the placement of fashion accessories/jewelry/tattoos:

Neck: Vulnerability, beheading, the red ribbon.

Wrist: Suicide, lovers, tags.

Hips: Sex, fertility.

Chest: Lungs, life.

Back: Sweat, burden, beast.

Ankle: Weakness, tethered, chained, slave.

Forehead: Royalty, Christ, Intelligence, Title, marriage.

– Charlette Hove for TakingFashion

By lexutor