Top Moisturising Tips

Top Moisturising Tips

Whatever your age or skin type, careful skincare is the best defence against the sun, wind, central heating or chemicals such as chlorine. Here are some top tips on keeping your skin moisturised during these colder months:

Talk to a professional

Find out your skin type from a professional before deciding on the best products.

This doesn’t have to be expensive, you can organise an assessment in the beauty section of many department stores. Think about which brand you may wish to invest in and ask for an assessment and some free samples.

Find the right product and start a routine

Once you know your skin type, take some time to find the right products for you – something oil-free for oily skin or fragrance free for sensitive skin, etc. Get advice and try out free samples until you are happy that you have found a brand that suits your skin. Once you are happy with a product use it regularly. Cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin morning and night and exfoliate at least once a week.

Protect your skin

Find a day-cream that includes an SPF of at least 15. Do not use this at night as it may clog your pores, but it will offer valuable protection during the day. If you can’t find a suitable cream with SPF try mineral powder foundation, which will create a barrier between your skin and the elements.

Don’t forget your body

Your skin is your biggest organ so look after all of it!

Wear warm clothes in the colder months to prevent loss of moisture and chapped skin.

Moisturise directly after your bath and lock the moisture in with a good body oil. Pay particular attention to areas like your knees and elbows and go for moisturisers containing Vitamin A and E to nourish your skin.

Start now

It’s never too early to plan a good skincare regime, so start protecting your skin today!

By lexutor