The Many Jobs Behind Fashion

The Many Jobs Behind Fashion

The days when people used to clothe just to cover their bodies are long gone. Today people choose to wear clothes that underline their personalities and that make them look good. Fashion trends influence our lives even if we don’t realize it. Around the world people spend billions of dollars on clothing items all year round. But have we ever wondered how many people and how many jobs make the world of fashion spin?

There are three major areas in the fashion business: the creative area, the technical area and the business area. With the help of these three areas a fashion company can survive on the market. Every fashion house needs people that are specialists in these fields so if you are interested in a career in fashion you should choose in which area you want to work.

Each piece of clothing is created keeping in mind a target of people. When a target is established some of the things that are taken into consideration are: age, gender and so on. A fashion researcher finds out what the social habits of those people are and how much money they usually spend for clothes. After all these things are established the designer can start working on the collection.

A trend forecaster on the other hand is the person who discovers new styles and establishes new trends. The most important characteristic of a trend forecaster is the creativity. The fashion designer is the person that creates clothes taking into consideration the information that he/she has received from the researcher and the trend forecaster. The person that establishes the price of each clothing item is the fashion merchandiser. He or she has to have strong business skills as he/she is the person that deals with both suppliers and customers.

Fashion is called an industry for a very good reason. There are numerous people working behind the scenes that keep the business. If you are interested in working in fashion then you should firstly decide where exactly you want to work as there are so many options.

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