Pop Culture and Its Trends – Choice of the Youth

Pop Culture and Its Trends – Choice of the Youth

Pop culture which is also known as popular culture is basically totality of perspectives, ideas, attitudes, images and the other phenomena which are deemed preferred within the mainstream of given culture. Especially in Western culture of the early age to mid of 20th century. Also the emerging global mainstreams of the late in 20th and early in the 21st century.

The pop cultures are simply, the people, fads, trends and events that captures the imaginations of public. The pop culture term is also used to describe the current cultural trend, as well as the past cultural that have achieve an enduring status. The celebrities can be anything, even cartoon characters, like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and etc. The Pop Culture icons can be political figures, celebrities, athletes and somehow the people who have achieved notoriety in the less conventional ways. For example they can be lottery winners, inventors, criminals, and some similar kinds of groups or people of individuals as well. The animals can also achieve the cultural icon status because of the status of their celebrity like Benji, Flipper or Lassie, or the other reason can be their associations with any human celebrity mainly, like Britney Spears carried little dogs and was seen around for a moment or while and Tinkerbelle of Paris Hilton.

Traditionally it held the most appealing culture especially for the young generation or the younger demographic and it has been ingrained thoroughly into the society to the aspect that it is now drawing the attention and feedback from people of about all ages. The pop cultural studies, seminars and also academic careers are now based on pop culture’s study on common places, especially since the evolution of internet into such omnipresent source of the information, The theories about this concept’s range impact from the belief; it is substitute for the traditional families and for the religious values to theory that the pop culture is shared history that helps to link the people of different regions together. Now a lot of the pop culture’s history is tied with popularity of the radio, television, these first made its successful appearance early in the year of1950’s.

The term pop culture was first used and introduced in the year of 1950 but it did not gain actual popularity that time. But the popularity increased when the media saturations made it easy for the people to follow and spot trends. Internet also make a good impression by mentioning news events, bulletins, fashion trends, and the current celebrity news of this season and these trends or things are the same that helps to make up the pop culture today.

If you again think back about the popular fashion trends, a music group, event that made up news in your lifetimes, than it is possible to see that to what extent the pop culture’s impact really is. It depends that whether you do not agree with its social significance or you do agree, it is crystal clear that the events, circumstances and people do serves as a medium in order to connect people. Without the pop culture, we can not have any of the Hula Hoop, slap bracelets, Silly Putty or any other innovations which are taken for granted by people.

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