Men’s Fashion – 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Men’s Fashion – 3 Things to Keep in Mind

We are possibly the only living beings on this earth who have the ability to dress up to the occasion and make ourselves not just a mere bundle of cells, nerves and tissues but also present us as artistic objects from which aesthetic pleasure can be obtained. When we realized that our skin itself can’t afford us all the protection from the harmful rays of the sun, mechanical injuries, shocks of an electrical nature, etc, he wove for himself clothes out of the fabric spun from natural fiber like cotton jute, hemp and flax. As time flew by, he or she eventually got bored of wearing the same old clothes everyday and he started experimenting with different materials for different seasons. Soon festivals took the place of seasons and he ascertained a particular costume for each ritual.

As the human society became socially, politically and culturally more complex, man’s desire to express the artistic bent of his personality increased in leaps and bounds and eventually, he reached the twenty first century. In the present millennium, we are flooded by a range of choices, of choosing from retro, present or futuristic styles and in such magnanimous quantities and qualities, that practically no man feel left out. More than even women, men have realized the importance of being fashionable.

Metro Sexuality?

No, not really because, decorating one self up is akin to playing music or painting a picture or just simply writing a blog post. It’s just another means of saying, hey, look this is how I feel and this is how I blend into human society. Narrowing it down to metro sexuality is leaving out a lot of people who possibly do not even know what the term means and shirk from it for the fear of being tabooed.

How can a Man become Fashionable?

First of all, get that silly thought out of your mind that your size or physical deformity acts like hindrance in your way of being a style con. Your mind is your only barrier and who said, you have to be part of the in group to look well and feel well. Remember, fashion is all about wearing what you are comfortable in and what you can carry off in the situation you are faced. You’d obviously not go to work in a factory in a Reid and Taylor suit nor would you attend the dinner at a Posh club dressed in just your underwear. Then again, if you do these and can carry it off, the entire world will bow down to your attitude.

Some Simple Things to Lookout For

Know the colors that look good on but don’t stick to them throughout the year. That way you will turn yourself into just a nobody. Mix and match with the texture, patter, and quality of fabric to bring out the real you. Colors are not just of a contrasting nature, they can be supplementary, complementary and intermediary to cascade a whole range of emotions. You can be particular about the placement of pockets, the individual stitching of parts and even the additional accessories you carry, like watches, tie pin, cuff links, to make a holistic impression.

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