Inexpensive Fashion Trends For 2011 and Beyond

Inexpensive Fashion Trends For 2011 and Beyond

How we look to our peers or potential mate is very important especially on a first impression. Wit the economy the way it is the thought of splurging on expensive clothes and accessories is just not possible. Whether your starting the first day of school or on the prowl after a breakup or divorce these fashion tips can help guide both men and women in a direction that evokes uniqueness with style but without looking like a fool.

The easiest thing you can do is the nails, no need for an expensive manicure as you can buy some nail polish and make yourself very presentable right off the bat, this goes for men too and there is nothing wrong with having well groomed nails and if you want to stand out a bit, the black nail polish always attracts attention while still looking tough. Ever noticed the nails on rock bands lately? Besides the whole vampire look is in and very metro-sexual these days.

Shoes are another thing both sexes notice right away, if they are all funky and busted up it will defeat any type of impression your gonna make, unless your a punk rocker, then it’s ok. There are plenty of high end styles for under a hundred bucks, do a good upkeep on them and you will always be good to go. I have also noticed the style of the 80’s returning on the teens with fluorescent colors and high top sneakers with the jeans tucked in and the shoe collar out. So if your in your 30’s go dig deep in your closet and hope those clothes still fit!

Mixing and matching different shirts and pants is a no-brainer. A solid black button down shirt and a pair of jeans is a look that is always in style and looks upscale and casual at the same time. Any type if button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up a few and un-tucked in very fashionable these days. And girls, us guys don’t notice name brands on what your wearing believe me. You don’t need expensive jewelry or accessories to look like a million bucks, just some unique style enhancements.

By lexutor