How To Dress Like A Modern Rock Star

How To Dress Like A Modern Rock Star

Everyone wants to be a rockstar; the money, the girls, the fast cars, not to mention the ability to throw out a sweet riff or screaming guitar solo on demand.

For most of us, the dream of getting a record deal and touring the world playing our own tunes in front of millions of adoring fans will remain precisely that – a dream. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t try and at least look our favourite rock stars.

However, defining what a rock star looks like is difficult. For some, rock star style will be the punk fashion of 70s London, while others will swear by the 80s glam metal look of the Sunset Strip.

For most of us though, looking like a rock star will mean taking inspiration from the here and now, the big stars of today. So how can you look like your favourite 21st century musician?

It turns out David Bowie was wrong; musicians in 2012 don’t look like Ziggy Stardust. In fact, compared to trends of the past, they’re pretty understated – guys like Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars and Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance are actually quite normal looking. That doesn’t mean they aren’t cool though!

The first item you’re going to need in your modern rock star arsenal is a good pair of jeans. The basic staple of any good rocker, jeans will be your hard-wearing best friend that’ll form the basis of most of your outfits.

Dark, well fitted jeans are the best option for achieving the rock star look, but if you don’t feel comfortable in a tighter fit then looser fits can work too. Extra cool points can be earned via fashionable tears and different washes!

Team your jeans with a pair of basketball / baseball style sneakers – the more unique the pattern, the better – or a good pair of biker style boots.

For the top half, you can’t go far wrong with a vintage band t-shirt. The more credible the band, the better, as it shows off your incredible musical knowledge to passers-by! Pair it with a light wash denim jacket or a leather jacket, layering the jacket with a black hoody for the extra edgy look.

For neater occasions, go for a dark shirt paired with a well-fitted blazer. Add an alternative-style tie (think unusual patterns) to add a rocking flourish to your formal attire!

The thing that’s really going to top off your modern rock star look however is accessories – and plenty of them. A belt should be considered essential; go for either a studded belt or a regular belt paired with an awesome belt buckle.

A good pendant can also really add to the look as well; nothing screams rock and roll more than having a skull dangling round your neck! You’ll also need a hat for those days when you roll out of bed at 3pm after a hard night of partying, so invest in a trilby or a mesh cap. And what rock star would be complete without a pair of sunglasses?!

So there you have it, a few style tips on looking like your favourite modern rock star. Remember though, real style comes from individuality so be inspired rather than copying directly!

By lexutor