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The Effects Of Contaminated Soil To Its inhabitants

Governments from all over the world today are looking for ways on how to eradicate soil contamination as this would also ensure that the soil can provide better produce that is healthy for human consumption. There are several things that made up the soil and these are the basic organic material such as limestone and granite and there are also organisms that help the soil healthy such as animal droppings, leaves, where the land is located whether it is in a valley or high in the mountain and the most important of all is the climate.

What will happen if you grow something on a contaminated soil?

You have to first know what type of soil and what type of toxins that is present, how severe the soil contamination, how much toxins will it enters the plant. A sandy soil is very less likely to hold on to any chemicals as compared to a soil that can hold on to organic matter such as peat moss as it will greatly hold on to any contamination and can also change the metabolic state of the microorganism in the soil.

Soil contamination also has an effect on people who touch it, but it depends on what type of contaminant. Small animals or humans dig holes in it which will then the soil will dry up and becomes dry thus the dust particles will be inhaled while other dust particles will be absorbed by the skin. soil contamination: What are the causes?

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Oil spills, toxic spills, pipe line leaks are often the reason why there is contamination in the soil and these have been used by factories, gas stations, mining and airports. The use of toxic pesticides and the over use of fertilizers are also known contributor of soil contamination and this is not only being used in advanced countries like the US but this has been used all over the world today.

Whenever natural disaster happens such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis happens, any facilities that store toxins will be damaged and thus spilling and leaking chemicals and can then cause soil contamination. In south New Orleans, there is a large area where the soil is contaminated after a hurricane hit the state and it destroyed a lot of holding facilities and over a million gallons of toxic that is being absorbed by the soil after the hurricane.

What are health problems and concerns that it might have an effect on humans?

In China, there is very little legislation when it comes to the protection of land and to safe guard from any soil contamination. Over 10th of the land in China is contaminated and they are also using polluted water for irrigation which have a huge impact on the soil contamination as well as on people’s health and this causes liver, kidney and even leukemia

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