Hot Fashion Trends – Bustiers & Corsets

Body-conscious clothing will always be appreciated by women who love to dress their curves. Spice-up your look for this summer by wearing bustiers or corsets. It will definitely do your body justice, giving you an hourglass figure, and disciplines the exact parts that are not quite flattering.

Bustiers and corsets are way too hot to be hidden under the garments. So this season we recommend you to adopt this sexy, provocative look that will draw everybody’s attention on your cleavage. The sexual magnetism that you will gain by wearing a bustier or a corset has to be tempered if you don’t want to completely distract others from your other top features. You still need to be taken seriously. A tight bustier with a mini skirt and high heels is the worst combination that we could think of. A conic skirt, boyish shorts and tailored pants, jackets and even skinny jeans will make a corset look good on you, without being over the top.

You can also sweeten the sexiness of a corset by choosing one with floral prints or by using a strapped version in a dark color. There are plenty of choices regarding the prints and colors, one will definitely have your name on it. Tone down a floral print corset with a soft colored pant or skirt and some nude stilettos. Still not sure on such a bold print? Layer your favorite blazer or jacket over the corset. Quit hiding that fabulous figure and start flaunting it!

By lexutor