Guide to Watch Strap Replacement

The wristwatch has been around for 150 years. The first wristwatch was a converted pocket watch with a strap made to secure it to the wrist. This was the beginning of the wristwatch as we know it today. A bit big, bulky and awkwardly fitting. A more compact watch was needed to compliment the wrist.

It was soon developed and the modern wristwatch as we know it was born. This advancement in reduced size meant the watch strap would take a more prominent place in the overall development of the wristwatch. No more bulky, crude, uncomfortable leather straps. Which were to be called watch bands.

There are many styles for the modern wristwatch band. The first watch bands were quite ornate and beautiful. Some even had paper calendars made into them. Others set with jewels, etchings, initials, and various other accompaniments. The style of the watch band then turned to the functionality of the watch.

What was the watch going to be used for, diving, driving, fashion, nursing, combat and the list goes on. As do the many different styles available today to the modern wristwatch owner. You can change the whole look of a watch with simple replacement watch bands. Many fashion designers have discovered this and put as much, if not more, design into the band as the watch itself.

The functionality of the watch is very important to the design of the band. You would not wear a tooled suede watch band to go deep-sea diving. One would not put a stainless steel shark mesh band on a gold Rolex Presidential.

This is very important in regards to the safety and security of the watch. Losing a 500 hundred dollar watch because of cheap replacement watch bands would be heartbreaking not to mention really dumb. Be aware of the quality of the watch band if a replacement is called for.

Watchbands come in all kinds of materials from leather to platinum and everything in between. Again, this is where the functionality factor comes in. What is the watch going to be used for? Maybe an 18kt rose gold band for her anniversary watch is appropriate, however, I wouldn’t do the dishes with it on. Remember with gold, the lower the karat the stronger the piece. 24kt gold is very soft as opposed to 10kt gold which is strong and holds up well to abuse.

Silver and gold do hold up well and with little maintenance, the shine and luster stays neat for years. This brings us to modern materials. Stainless steel is a very commonly used material for watch bands of all kinds. It holds up well and is very strong never losing its original look. Cloth, vinyl, plastic, leather, anything the designers can think of has been used. Nice alligator or ostrich watch bands are beautiful, not to mention snakeskin. Chains and even glow stick material is being used. Magnetic clasps can do away with the traditional buckle or dive clasp.

The watch strap is really a fashion accessory to the wearer and the watch. So have some fun with it. Have a few different styles to choose from for your favorite fashion watch.

Some watches come with multiple bands that the wearer can easily change out to match the outfit for the night. Why not replace that old rubber dive band on your vintage Seiko with a stainless steel shark mesh band for a totally awesome looking dive watch. It does not cost that much to completely makeover the look of that old watch. So have some fun with it and keep that vintage watch secure to your wrist.

By lexutor