Fashion-Struck Fools

The world is changing, people are changing, even music and drugs are changing. One thing that underlines these changes with every passing age, is fashion. Fashion, for most, means to adapt an attire which is compatible with our ever-changing world. Many assume that fashion is something that they are obligated to keep up with. However, these changing fashions are not always at their best, but irrespective of the comfort people gladly fall for the latest trends.

Most fashion trends are short-lived, which often spread like a wild-fire among the fashion nuts. Unfortunately, these people forget the real purpose and secret to look good, which is obviously to put on something that suits and comforts you. There are other trends which stay around for a longer time and are hence, followed by most. Well, all these trends grow and bloom in the bewildering fashion world, wherein these clothes and accessories look amazingly stunning on all super-sculpted models.

People greet every new fashion trend, good or bad, with an overwhelming respect. They blindly run in to shops and snatch all the latest vogue clothes, put them on, stay with it for a while and later dump it for the next fuzzy trend. Although, some fashion freaks pull off their looks, many lack the attitude, charisma and most importantly a body to go with such trends. In fact, many people do not even understand the true meaning of their attire. The clothes you wear, certainly tend to express your personality, and those who fail to understand this core concept, often end up as ‘fashion-struck fools’.

Fashion, like most changing things, is always temporary. The basic idea is to realize what fashion suits you well, suits your personality and also helps magnify your thoughts. The extent to which people have sunk themselves in to such fashion fads, earns them nothing but a serious waste of time and money. Undoubtedly, a good thing if you are in the glamor world, but not if you are in to a more intelligent world. Lastly, coming up with new and attractive attires is what the fashion people do, and they are sincerely doing a remarkable job, feeding us with all the latest trends and helping us realize the new lines of clothing. But eventually we, people, should realize what is good and what is lame. Unless you learn to make the difference, you are not following the fashion trends, but falling for it.

By lexutor