Faking That Tan

It’s the summer, the skirts are out and the bar skin on parade is everywhere. If you like an even tan and don’t want to sit outside in the sun burning to crisp all day or simply do not have the time, try a fake tan. This is a simple and quick guide to some products that are on offer out and there and some obvious do’s and don’ts.

Using a tinted moisturiser will help to keep your skin looking fresh and sun-kissed. Another beauty bag essential includes a good dose of bronzer which applied evenly will help to enhance your features and give you that all over summery look whilst also giving your cheekbones, clavicles’ and anywhere else you fancy a subtle glow.

For those harder to reach places and an all over body tan then try Clarins Delicious Tan or Delicious Tan Mousse. Simply exfoliate your skin, apply the soft lotion or mousse over your body (beware of knees, ankles and streaks) and within a few hours you will have an even summers glow that will be the envy of the high street.

As with most skincare products beware of some tanning creams/mousses as the chemicals can react to your skin if it is sensitive. It is always a good idea to do a patch test first just to make sure you don’t have any bad skin reactions. Also beware of dry skin patches and ALWAYS protect your clothing, orangey-brown stains on your clothing is NOT a good look.

One of the other down-sides to fake tanning lotions is that most of them do not include sunscreen within them. So even though you have a summery gorgeous glow, sporting bright red burnt shoulders will only give the game away and we want to appear o’naturel, don’t we!

By lexutor