Examining the Changing Phase of Fashion

Examining the Changing Phase of Fashion

Fashion has always been an essence of one’s life. Be it in the Victorian era or the multi cultured world of today, it is something which never took the back seat in one’s life. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? And fashionable is perhaps the new word for beautiful.

The most important aspect of fashion is change. It is something that has remained constant through the clutches of time. What is a new trend today will be an obsolete entity tomorrow.


Different civilization in the past had different dressing senses which changed with the passage of time. Some remained and some eroded. The intermingling of different types of dressing also occurred due to contact with different societies.

The gradual rise in the practice of donning different garments and accessories can be traced back to the 14th and 15th century. This growth is often associated with the growth in trade and commerce and the rise of capitalism. Fashion in the past was also a medium to create an impressive upper class and sometimes even a royal image.

The Beginning

As far as the West is concerned the most significant change in their dressing was the sudden incorporation of short and tight male over-coat. The over-garments went from calf length to something which barely covered their buttocks. At times this was also worn with stuffing in the chest to broaden the look of their chests. This resulted in the creation of a unique mail outline which was a craze till quite sometime.

Women in particular have always been very conscious of their looks and attires. During this period their silhouette became more bulky and stiff. Skirts became wider and needed the support of a farthingale, which grew wider towards the bottom. Ladies from Upper Class also adopted a boned corset, which in turn flattened and narrowed the upper body.

The Last Century

Going through a wide variety of changes throughout the centuries the 20th Century fashion was something which most of us still relate to. The corset gave way to bust bodice. Bob with bangs was a revolutionary new hairstyle. Make up was toned down and usually included only light powder. Foot wear had narrow toes and high heels.

The flapper style of the 1920s was perhaps the biggest change in the dressing sense for women, its unique trait being the drastic shortening of skirt length and more loose fitting apparels. Though there has been occasional revival of long skirts, this trend has been a hot seller ever since.

The New Look Today

The four most important fashion capitals of the world today are labeled as Milan, New York, Paris and London. Fashion Weeks are organized here and also across the globe to bring to the audience’s eye the latest designs. Professional designers today occupy a very important position in this industry as they call the cards as to what is in and what out.

Ranging from size zero to displaying curves, this changing industry today is not just associated with clothing but also with a figure you need to get into these trendy attires.

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