Choosing Fashion Trends To Suit Your Body Type

Choosing Fashion Trends To Suit Your Body Type

Fashion is not frequently unforgiving towards the general populace whose bodies do not fit into sample sizes. Models are notoriously skinny and there has been a lot of bad press directed at the fashion industry for encouraging models to become anorexic in order to fit into and look good in the clothes. The reason models need to be so thin is that outlandish and trendy clothes look better on thin bodies so how can we, as Mr and Mrs Normal wear trends?

Well, the important thing when picking up on a trend you like, in other words, buying into it, is to be sure that it suits your body type. Because trends are faddish by nature, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on them only to find that you are making yourself look less than stunning. No matter how much you love that bubble skirt, if it makes you look like, well, a bubble, then I’m begging you, please don’t buy it. What may look good at first glance is often the garment that ends up at the back of your closet after you have worn it only once.

If you are on the short side, then don’t accentuate this by wearing wide-leg trousers as they will only swamp your petit frame and you don’t want to be standing on the hem of your pants all the time. Unfortunately, for the vertically challenged, only the very tall can successfully carry off extremely wide-legged pants, and even then, they need to be careful the don’t look like a ship under sail. Long and bulky knits are another trend to be wary of. Only the very slender can wear thick cardis, particularly the belted ones, as it is so easy to look like a padded mattress cinched with a belt. If the trend is for sailor stripes and you have a large bust or wide shoulders then beware; horizontal stripes make the body look wider and you don’t want to end up looking like Popeye then it is best to give this trend a miss.

The most important thing to know before choosing trendy clothes is to know your body type and what silhouettes and fabric patterns suit you and what to avoid. An image consultant can be of great help in assisting you to determine what suits your body type and what doesn’t.

By lexutor