Celebrating ‘Normal’

Celebrating ‘Normal’

At last the fashion world appears to be listening to the consumer and reflecting the strong views expressed over this emotive subject.

2009 was a positive year for those who have been hoping to see a shift away from the fashion industry’s obsession with young, white, androgynous female models. The increase in use of plus-size models such as Crystal Renn, Lara Stone and Lizzie Miller, to name a few, is creating a diversity that has been long awaited and looks set to continue into 2010.

On January 12th look out for edgy indie magazine ‘V’ who are adding their support to the ‘pro-plus-size’ shift with a “Size” issue featuring models of diverse body-shapes. The models will be photographed by the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Bruce Weber and Terry Richardson.

“Big, little, pint-size, plus-size – every body is beautiful,” Stephen Gan, V’s editor-in-chief, recently told the New York Post “And this issue is out to prove it.”

‘Glamour’ magazine became more inclusive during 2009 much to it’s reader’s delight and has recently produced a plus-size calendar for 2010, they state that they are “committing to picturing a wide range of body types in our pages.”

“There are a million ways to be beautiful and you don’t have to fit that cookie cutter standard,” said a spokes-person for Glamour. “And we’re going to celebrate the designers who help us do that.” ‘Brigitte’ magazine has also responded to protests from its readers by saying that from 2010 it will be replacing “size zero models” altogether, with “normal women”.

To all the ‘normal women’ out there who can look forward to being represented in glossy magazines and on the catwalks in 2010, Happy New Year!

By lexutor