Can’t Decide What to Wear on a Date?

Can’t Decide What to Wear on a Date?

Have you spent hours deciding on what to wear on your date? Or you just put on what you found and never got a call back for a second date?

First date is all about making first impressions, looking presentable, smooth talking and if you are really lucky getting some action. Well first thing to consider is what kind of girl you are going out and then where are you going.

Depending on that you decide if you are going to go with a trendy casual look or slick formal attire.

1. Lunch / Movie Date: Keep it casual guys! It’s just a movie or a normal lunch. Don’t go all dressy on her, you don’t want her to think this is your first outing do you. Wear a cool trendy tee with nice pair of contrasting jeans. A nice check shirt will also do but don’t tuck it in. If you have grown a beer gut it’s a good idea to go with the un-tucked casual shirt and maybe a gym membership. A nice pair of sandals (NO leather please!) or trendy CLEAN kicks.

2. Dinner Date: Depending upon whether it’s a fancy fine dining restaurant or a regular joint you decide if you dress in smart casuals or go full formal. Try nice well fitted shirt with a pair of dark jeans or chinos. Remember a good fit is very important. Look sharp and accessorize accordingly. A leather belt, shoes and watch should be enough. And OF COURSE a full wallet.

3. Club / Lounge: Good work on getting a club date. Drinking, dancing… lots of scope… if you know what I mean. Time to up your style quotient to the max. Stylish v-neck tees, party tees or some slim fit (if you have the body for it else go with regular fit) smart shirts. Nice pair of cool jeans maybe a little faded or rugged. Shoes are a must, you don’t want to be dancing in your sandals or flip flops. Wear a belt, no one likes to see you keep pulling up your low waist jeans on the dance floor. Remember to practise a few moves beforehand!!

4. House Date: Really?? No, Really?? Your house or hers doesn’t matter. You are so in! I don’t really think how you dress up will really matter now unless you really screw it up Govinda style with a yellow shirt and green pants. Dress nice, a nice cologne and be safe! You are a lucky bastard… enjoy!

By lexutor