Can Collagen Be Absorbed Into the Skin?

Can Collagen Be Absorbed Into the Skin?

Can collagen be absorbed into the skin? This is a question that is being batted around with many different theories.

Some manufacturers of skin care anti aging products believe that by adding molecules of collagen to a product that it will bring great benefits to the skin of older people.

Many collagen creams promise that the elasticity of your skin will spring back into youthful health in a matter of days if you apply the product daily.

It would be wonderful if that was the case. But that is not the case and more time and effort is required to revitalize skin to its natural, healthy, youthful glow.

So then is it possible, can collagen be absorbed into the skin? The answer to that is yes but quite differently than simply adding it to a jar of cream or lotion.

Collagen is a molecule that already exists within the body and contrary to some belief once we start to lose it, we cannot simply replace it by adding the collagen molecules into a pot of cream.

Theoretically collagen cannot be absorbed into the skin directly as the molecules are too big for the pores of our skin to go through. However, there are special ingredients that can be added to anti aging products which allow the stimulation and re-growth of our own collagen.

One such ingredient to look out for is CynergyTK. This is an important ingredient in the anti aging skin care market. You will find that there are many products now that are using this ingredient but manufacturers vary greatly in the quantities that they use.

The majority only use tiny amounts and therefore the effect mirrors a tiny result. Also it is important to create a product that has other herbs, vitamins and minerals which all work synergistically with each other, as this then will also improve the results immensely.

One natural vitamin that is very good for skin is vitamin E. In fact you could say that it is food for the skin.

Look out for CynergyTK with other ingredients that enhance the power of it.

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