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Benefits of Wearing Active Jewelry if You’re an Active Woman In case you boast a strong taste for style and a heart in tune with nature, then the jewelry you sport belongs to a one-of-a-kind class. But as an athletic, stylish woman, you need not drop any attribute of your style each time you take on the harsh outdoors. There’s now a wide spectrum of active jewelry that you can wear without the fear of tear, no matter the weather or the physical activity you’re doing. You could wear any favorite waterproof jewelry to look stylish, for example tiny charm necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, and continue to lead the adventurous life you’re used to. As such, how did active jewelry come to be? To most ladies that love style, active jewelry is an idea that’s inherently realistic. While participating in some backcountry explorations, one designer of such pieces noted that many women loved to sport jewelry even when engaging in harsh outdoor physical activity. Yet, you couldn’t find many jewelry types with feminine features and a solid construction for both travel and fun. Now, the issue is resolved, and you have active constructions that are both sophisticated and urban–a compromise between adventure and elegance. The concept revolves around out-of-this-world artisan jewelry, made by hand, domestically! You may buy your most loved jewelry made of the material you prefer, including options such as 100% silver as well as gold vermeil. There are also glamorous pieces you can buy that are made of high-quality stone or glass. If looking for the perfect design suiting a life well lived, go for active jewelry. Each product retains every aspect of its original glamour, even if being worn for the hundredth time!
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Definitely, active jewelry is what self-expression demands, but it also delivers many functional, value-added benefits. Such jewelry is meant to be durable, not forgetting that outdoor explorations are never so lenient on accessories. Craftsmanship and construction material for each piece prevents breaking , no matter the outdoor harshness, whether rapids or rock climbing.
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Similarly, active jewelry is water-tolerant as it’s built with material that resists tear on encounter with wetness or sweat. When materials such as pure nylon cordelette have made the jewelry you’re on, just dive into your swimming pool without any concerns! Other significantly water friendly materials are quality rocks and beads. Another great feature you can have in active jewelry is adjustability. For example, adjustable bracelets may fit pretty much any wrist, while similar necklaces may be put on short or long, based on the desired look or sport. Therefore, if you plan on going into the unforgiving outdoors for thrilling adventure and keep your accessories, active jewelry is your best option today.

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